Welcome to Sharon's Massage Therapy of Des Moines.

If you are looking for a professional massage therapist, you've come to the right place. Sharon's Massage Therapy is a therapeutic massage practice that focuses on working with people experiencing chronic or acute pain, stress, rehabilitation, maintenance massage, and those who need to enhance athletic performance. 

I'm a licensed massage therapist in the state of Iowa and graduated from the Carlson College of Massage Therapy. I'm trained in numerous modalities (Traditional Massage, Neural Reset Therapy, Touch for Health Kinesiology, Cupping Therapy, Hot Stone Massage, Chair Massage, Couples Massage) and can offer a rich perspective on any issues you've come to address.

I also do Mobile Chair or Table Massage for events and workplaces. You can simply call or book online on "traveling service ". I would love to bring wellness and great work ethic to you. If you need more than 1 massage therapist, I can always ask my massage therapist friends to join me. 


Promoting wellness through massages.

Live on. Laugh on. Dream on.